Pre-commissioning Activities

A set of measures for the commissioning of the equipment installed at construction sites. The purpose of pre-commissioning activities is to adjust the installed equipment and check the readiness of the system.

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Project Design Documentation Development

The result of the industrial-control system design is a fully finished infrastructure adapted to the customer’s facility.

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Equipment Installation

A set of operations to ensure the correct equipment setup. Based on the results of the equipment installation, the company prepares a facility readiness certificate for pre-commissioning activities.

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Technical Support

A set of operations to maintain the operational state of the equipment (products, parts) during technical maintenance, storage and transportation

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Equipment Supply

Microterm Plus is an engineering partner of several European and Russian equipment brands. Our prices are among the most competitive in the Far Eastern market.

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Research, Development and Engineering

Microterm Plus carries out in-house and external study in the field of industrial electronics. Our equipped laboratory provides design development from the initial concept stage to its prototyping

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